Fleet Management Specialists

Fleet management solutions that give you absolute oversight of your fleet.
GPS Real Time Tracking

Real Time Tracking

With GLONASS positioning systems GPS tracking remains continuously connected while on the move for real-time location tracking.
High Precision

Global Connectivity

Our global sims give you the ability to roam in any country as well as the ability to roam on multiple service providers in the same country. Giving you the greatest possible uptime for managing your assets.
Global Support

Out Of Coverage Tracking

Cellular / Iridium Edge® available to track vehicles in remote areas outside of cellular coverage.
Remote Worker Safety

Driver ID Options

Driver ID, Access Control and log booking.
Driver Behaviour GPS

Driver Safety and Behavior

Monitor speeding, harsh acceleration, braking and cornering.
Remote Immobilization

In Vehicle Alerts

Configure buzzers for in-vehicle alerts such as speeding, harsh driving, driver identification reminders.
Tip Detection & Rotation Counting

Sensor Monitoring

Interface with a range of devices and switches for seatbelt detection, duress and panic buttons, lights and in-cab warning buzzers.
Theft Recovery

Accident and Rollover Detection

Accident and rollover alerts are triggered by extreme changes in the velocity and orientation of vehicles or equipment.
Periodic or Movement Based

Run Hour Monitoring

Calculate run hours and distance travelled to understand and optimize vehicle utilization.
Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Set proactive maintenance reminders based on distance travelled to reduce downtime and repair costs.

Fleet Management
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Devices for Fleet Management

Battery-powered low-cost indoor / outdoor tracker using LTE-M/NB-IoT networks.

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Battery-powered low-cost indoor / outdoor tracker using LTE-M/NB-IoT networks. Off-the-Shelf Batteries – Powered by user-replaceable, off-the-shelf 2 x AA Lithium batteries with ‘Battery Low’ and

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Features and Applications in Fleet Management

Device Security

Device Security

Authentication means verifying that the device is authentic, the server is legitimate, and verifying the data has not been tampered with.

Driver Identification

Driver Identification

The Wiegand Interface is a wiring standard found on card readers and access control systems. It has become somewhat of a de facto standard for such systems.

Remote Worker

Remote Worker Monitoring

Typically, lone worker tracking involves monitoring employees or assets in areas that do not have cellular coverage and often require some form of duress or “man-down” alerting.

Tamper Detect

Tamper Detect

Tamper Detect will alert you when your device is being interfered with – such as when thieves, employees, or other individuals seek to meddle with the device or steal your assets…




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