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Asset and equipment tracking gives you the power to monitor any none powered asset for up to 10 years using battery-powered GPS tracking devices. Monitor your asset from your phone utilising TG Online.

Periodic Based Tracking

With GLONASS positioning systems GPS tracking connects periodically while on the move for real-time locations.
10 Year Battery Life

Long Battery Life

Battery-life up to 10 years with built-in battery life management for monitoring use and remaining life predictions.
Rugged & Weatherproof

Rugged and Waterproof

IP67 rated housing ensures devices can withstand fine dust, high-pressure spray, submersion for 30 minutes in 1m of water, and extreme temperatures.
High Precision

Global Connectivity

Our global sims give you the ability to roam in any country as well as the ability to roam on multiple service providers in the same country. Giving you the greatest possible uptime for managing your assets.
Advanced Geofencing

Advanced Geo Fencing

Create custom geofences and alerts if equipment enters or leaves specific locations. Geofences can also be downloaded directly to the device for enhanced location-based behaviours.
Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Set proactive maintenance reminders based on distance travelled to reduce downtime and repair costs.

Asset And Equipment Tracking
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Devices for Asset And Equipment Tracking

Features and Applications in Asset And Equipment Tracking

Door Monitoring

Door Monitoring

Our Yabby and Oyster 2 devices feature Jostle Mode Tracking – where accelerometer activity is used to detect trips/movement.

Tamper Detect

Tamper Detect

Tamper Detect will alert you when your device is being interfered with – such as when thieves, employees, or other individuals seek to meddle with the device or steal your assets…




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