TG Tracking Yabby Edge LoRaWAN® 
5 Years Battery Life


The Yabby Edge LoRaWAN devise is a tiny, lightweight, and ultra-rugged battery-powered LoRaWAN® GPS tracking device for asset tracking.

AES-128 Encryption


GNSS, Wi-Fi AP MAC Address Scanning, and LoRaWAN® geolocation with cloud-based location solving
Rugged & Weatherproof

Rugged & Weatherproof

IP67 waterproof and dust-resistant housing for extreme durability.
Off-the Shelf Batteries

Off-the-Shelf Batteries

Powered by user-replaceable, off-the-shelf AAA Lithium batteries.
Periodic or Movement Based

Periodic or Movement-Based

Configure parameters to send updates based on set time intervals or when movement occurs.


3-Axis Accelerometer to detect movement
Advanced Geofencing


Create custom geofences and alerts if an asset enters or leaves specific locations.
Flexible Configuration

Flexible Configuration

Configure device parameters such as heartbeat rate, movement and accelerometer settings, and more to fit any tracking application.
Sleep Mode

Sleep Mode

Stationary devices enter sleep mode until movement occurs to conserve battery life and optimize data usage.


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5 Years Battery Life Related Devices

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5 Years Battery Life Features and Applications

Remote Worker

Remote Worker Monitoring

Typically, lone worker tracking involves monitoring employees or assets in areas that do not have cellular coverage and often require some form of duress or “man-down” alerting.

After Hours Tracking: Construction Site at night

After Hours Tracking

During work hours, assets are under heavy use by various operators. However, we only need a few updates per day, to assist the operations team in locating the assets at specific times of the day.