Remote Vehicle Immobilization

In the case of hire equipment, hire periods may be charged in hours, or aligned to days/weeks.

Remote Vehicle Immobilization allows users to remotely disable a vehicle’s ignition in the case of theft or unauthorized use, offering vital security benefits:

Act immediately to stop a stolen vehicle in its tracks

Improve Stolen Vehicle Recovery Rates

Vehicles with remote immobilizers may be eligible for lower insurances rates

Receive alerts with vehicle details and location, should a vehicle move without approval

In the case of hire equipment, hire periods may be charged in hours, or aligned to days/weeks. The equipment however might not be returned once the period is up, and many customers like to get some extra unauthorized usage in, causing additional wear on equipment. With a GPS tracking device installed, the equipment can be shut down remotely, so it can only be used during agreed-upon hire periods.

GPS Tracking Devices for Remote Vehicle Immobilization

Digital Matter’s Dart2, G62, and G120 GPS tracking devices feature customizable switched ground digital outputs. These outputs can be wired to control a relay, and the relay will create a starter motor cut. This means when the output is activated, the vehicle cannot be started.

Immobolization on ASYNC Wiring Diagram

Remote Vehicle Immobilization Options

There are several ways to activate and configure Remote Vehicle Immobilization with Digital Matter vehicle GPS tracking devices:

On-Demand – Vehicle Immobilization can be initialized manually using our GPS Tracking Software Telematics Guru.

Driver ID Validation – If Driver ID is also configured, vehicles will only start when a valid Driver ID tag is presented. Unregistered tags will not be able to start the vehicle.

Learn more about configuring and activating remote vehicle immobilization here or contact us for more information.

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