TG Mobile App Features

The TG app allows for the ability to call the current driver of an asset direct from the app.

Against any asset, we can see the current driver. So if there is a problem related to this asset, it’s convenient to be able to click the 3 dots and ring the driver. 

Call the Driver from the App 1

To configure, we need to have the Driver’s phone number entered in the system. So to set up:

1. Create an Address Book Entry, and add the Driver’s Number

– Admin -> Address Book 

Call the Driver from the App 2

2. Link the Driver to the Address Book entry

User accounts, drivers, and address book entries are all separate entities/concepts that serve different purposes. But we can easily link them together. 

Call the Driver from the App 3

3. We can now call the driver from the app

Call the Driver from the App 4
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