Events vs Alerts

In Telematics Guru, Events and Alerts are similar, but different. In general they operate in much the same way, and are linked.  Alerts An Alert Condition is a statement about device information that results in the Alert either being “Active” or not. Alerts will be triggered based on their settings, and can be used to

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Checklists in TG App

The TG Tracking App supports conducting ‘pre-start checks’ which are a key compliance requirement in many industries and for many organisations. The app and TG system can be used to easily collect and store checklist data – replacing paper checklists. This saves effort and resources in collecting and filing paper checklists – a huge task

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TG - Utilisation 5

Asset Utilisation

Tracking utilisation is a key reason that telematics devices are installed across fleets. Rather than being an expense, tracking devices and software can easily generate an ROI. The data gathered can be analysed to improve efficiency, workflows and reduce waste. Our devices, and the reports in Telematics Guru can provide key insights and answer questions.

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